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What is FantasyXGrounds? Edit

Fantasy X Grounds (shorten FG in the community) is a fantasy RPG/MMORPG-themed WebComic, published daily in italian and english respectively on the Facebook pages Wolfrad Senpai and Wolfrad Senpai ENG.

The story takes place in Esperia, a place where life follows the classic RPG rules, inhabited by many different races, each one of them with their own tradition and culture. The name of the characters that is shown to the readers is actually the name of their class ([name of the class]) that follows the roleplays standard. The plot is mostly focused on the adventures of the Rebirth Guild , but it often interwines itself with other sub-plots, told through a great number of "Sagas" (ordered in seasons) that realveals and elaborate on characters and places supposedly secondary. Between main sagas, short stories, comic strips and extras, Fantasy X Grounds has over a thousand published pages; The pubblication began in 2014, and is still ongoing. Today the main page (italian) counts over 10.000 likes..

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